21st November 2016

PIPS Remote Monitoring System 100th Dealer to sign up

Data Direct are pleased to announce that Sensible Print Solutions are the 100th dealer to sign up for our PIPS Remote Monitoring System and are now benefitting from this BLI GOLD award winning program.


PIPS is the first scalable software to offer everything from simple monitoring and collection of meter readings, to reporting service and toner alerts on a simple dashboard showing you all the information in real time when you need it at a glance from Microsoft, Mac and Linux platforms.


PIPS offers free complex auditing facilities of your customers fleets producing MPS ready reports. The “PIPS SERVER” can also eliminate the need to install on a customers server. PIPS Integrates directly with your Service management system reducing inputing and improving billing accuracy and working seamlessly with the Data Direct PIXPAX fulfilment program to offer on-Demand toner deliveries to end users next day, increasing cash flows and reducing stocking and logistics costs also eliminating ordering and administration costs.


Phil Graham the MD of Sensible Print says he just wanted to reduce his infield toner stocks and have a simple way to collect meter readings but PIPS is delivering real gross margin increases and helping to win new business from his customer base at a cost that is the most competitive on the Market.

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